Terms & Conditions

Accommodation: Our Residential block has 34 bed-spaces in a mixture of 2, 3 and 4 bed ensuite rooms. 

Balance of payment is usually required before departure. Preferred payment is by bank transfer or cheque. Cheques must be made payable to ‘Lucan Nexus Centre’. Bank details are on the invoice. We can accept payment by credit card, however there is a 3.2% charge for this and this must be arranged with us in advance.

Bed allocation: when numbers are confirmed we will send out a floor plan showing which rooms are available for your group to use. Please plan your allocation of people to rooms in advance of arrival.

Bookings: Enquiries can be made by  phone [+353 85 8669224] or email [mailto:lucancentre@gmail.com]. Bookings must be secured by a booking deposit – 10% of the amount for residential  bookings and 50% of the amount for day hire. A booking is only confirmed on receipt of the deposit and signed/accepted Terms & Conditions.

Cancellation policy: Deposits are non-refundable, we regret any inconvenience this may cause. Also if a booking is cancelled within 7 days of its due date we would kindly ask for a payment of 50% of the amount to cover the costs of our staff’s time and resources.

Complaints: In the event that you have a complaint, please inform a staff member.

Cleaning: the Lucan Centre asks guests to please keep and leave the Centre clean and tidy, thank you. We would kindly ask day hire kitchen and dining hall guests that all rubbish is removed when leaving please.  

Damage: The group leader is responsible for the cost of replacement and / or repair for any damage or loss caused by members of their group to the centre’s equipment and / or property. Please do not attach or fix anything to the walls, furnishings, or equipment. Especially do not use Sellotape on walls or floor.

Data Protection: The Lucan Centre will securely retain your/ your group’s personal information for booking and occasional marketing purposes. If you do not wish to be contacted regarding The Lucan Centre, please alert our office. We will not share your details with any external parties.

Drugs, Alcohol, & Illegal Weapons & Substances: Illegal drugs, weapons and substance misuse will not be tolerated and the Centre reserves the right to instantly terminate the stay of any individual or group who fail to comply. The Centre has a no alcohol policy, but has some flexibly to offer in special circumstances.

Ethos: The Lucan Centre is owned and managed by the Dublin & Munster Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, and is therefore a Christ-Centred organisation. Although the centre warmly celebrates a multitude of cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity, it will not tolerate, facilitate, or encourage any bookings or usage where behaviour and activities are in-congruent, grossly inconsistent, or could be interpreted as offensive to the owner’s Christian values, principles, and faith. Such behaviour will result in immediate cancellation and forfeiture of monies paid. PCI Code

Exclusive use of the Lucan Centre accommodation and facilities is available for groups of 20+ but should be requested at booking, otherwise, Hirers can expect to share the Centre with others during their stay [a premium can be arranged to ensure exclusive use]. Even with exclusive use booked, Hirers can expect those outside of their group to be on-site including resident staff and their visitors.

House Culture, Conduct, & Noise: We request all guests and visitors to participate in our House Culture – loving and respecting God and others.

Insurance/Liability: The Lucan Centre is covered by Public Liability Insurance.  You are required to produce evidence of current Public Liability (and in cases where you bring a paid cook, Employers Liability Insurance) either or both of which is extended to indemnify specifically, the Lucan Centre, it’s governing board, management and employees against all accident illness or injury caused through your occupancy, use etc. of the Centre it’s premises or equipment. The indemnity limit for Public Liability to be not less than €2,800,000 and for Employers Liability not less than €13,000,000. This evidence should be in writing from your Insurers and this should confirm the current period of Insurance.

Keys: [Stay] Keys will be signed out to the group leader before group arrives, and should be returned with arrangement either to Centre staff during checkout, to office, or placed in post-box beside main gate.

Kitchen & Catering: The Lucan Centre kitchen works to FSA HACCP food safety standards. It is a requirement that any groups hiring the kitchen have a group member certified by HACCP. We expect all kitchen hirers to comply with HACCP, particularly the recording of food temperatures. Agreeing to these terms and conditions is an automatic disclaimer making you, the hirer responsible for having a competent person to operate the kitchen [if hiring this area], including the aforementioned compliance with HACCP.

Personal Property: The Lucan Centre cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of personal property. Please use the locks on bedroom doors, noting that the main doors to the Residential Block and Dining Block are often unlocked during office hours.

Photography & Video: Photos and video are sometimes taken of guests enjoying their stay at the Lucan Centre. This material may be used for marketing purposes including our website, print, and social media. If any member of your group does not wish to appear in any recorded material, please let us know in advance of your arrival.

Responsibilities: Leaders and staff of visiting groups are reminded that they are in sole pastoral charge of their group at all times when visiting the Lucan Centre – they must make sure that they have ample supervision and control of their group at all times.

Risk: We have taken all reasonable steps to provide you with a safe facility. Whilst we carry out our own risk assessments and reviews, we recommend that if you are in any doubt regarding possible risks to you and your group, that you carry out your own independent risk-assessment of the site/facilities prior to your arrival.

Safeguarding: In an effort to create a safe environment for children, young people, vulnerable adults, and leaders, the Lucan Centre adheres to the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s Taking Care guidelines. www.presbyterianireland.org/takingcare

Special Diets: Please inform us of any special dietary needs on booking. It is your responsibility to alert us to any allergies within your group.

Termination of bookings: The centre reserves the right to terminate a group booking by groups not meeting any of the above conditions.

Towels : towels are not provided but are available for rent at €1 per 1 night stay or 50c per night for longer stays.  

Usage: Hired rooms and facilities must only be used for the purposes authorised on booking. Activities must not negatively affect or interfere with those living on site, or any other guests or visitors.

Visitors: In the interests of security and safety, all visitors must report to a staff member. Visitors of Hirers over and above that which has been arranged I.E. extra attendees at conferences, family, and friends must be previously authorised by the staff members.