House Culture

During your stay we trust that you will respect and participate in “normal” life here:

Head – behave safely, adhering to all safety information, common sense, and instruction
Heart – love and respect God, and love and respect others
Hands – endeavour to keep the Centre and site clean and tidy at all times

Key guest information:

Check In/Out – usually one point person from your group will work with a member of staff in advance of your group arrival and departure: your group “point person” will be given a “hand-over” on arrival of all Centre safety, operational, and general information – it is their responsibility to ask any questions, and also, carefully transfer given information to the represented group. Before departure, your “point person” will “hand-back” a reset facility/rooms to our duty staff member, having firstly thoroughly cleaned and checked used areas for any damage, repairs, or facility issues needing attention.

Cleaning/Upkeep – as a people-focused local charity, we ask you to help us keep costs down and quality up by encouraging guests to leave the Centre tidy and clean on departure. Before departing, overnight guests should remove and place bed linens on floor (duvet covers, undersheet, pillow cases). Dumpsters and bins are at the rear of dining block for trash. Thank you.

Connectivity – although we have available wifi, if at all possible, we recommend that you “disconnect” from mobile devices to enjoy the tranquility of your surroundings.

Energy – help us be a more sustainable “green” site by turning off your lights and appliances.

Environment – our site is one of natural beauty and peace. Our on-site wildlife ecosystem includes foxes, badgers, insects, and also, a range of interesting birds (inc. pheasants and buzzards)

Food and Drink – usually kept to dining block, or light snacks in conference and lounge area. Meals are self-clearing. Please do not eat or drink in the bedrooms, thank you.

Gate – to help maintain a safe and secure environment, we endeavour to control trespassing and unpermitted traffic by closing the main gate out of normal office hours. Guests may ask for an access code.

Luggage & Belongings – locker space in rooms has been provided: please use this space, and remember – you are responsible for your own belongings during your visit.

Noise – our Centre specialises in “retreats”; with your help, we aim to maintain an atmosphere in which people can enjoy peace and rest. After 10pm, we ask you to participate in “quiet time”. Further, we ask you to respect the privacy of the live-in residents in chalets, thank you.

Parking/Traffic is limited and done so at your own risk, with traffic speed best kept to a crawl.

Payments – deposits will be paid in advance of arrival and all balances paid, at the latest, on arrival.

Pets and Animals – are not allowed in any Centre buildings or on site without permission from staff

Smoking is strictly prohibited in any building on site.

Substance Use & Abuse – Alcohol, illegal substances and possession of weapons are prohibited.

Visitors – are only permitted with prior arrangement to your visit with Centre staff, thank you.