Catering: (Minimum 6 Adults)

As of very recently we have started to facilitate our own catering with our very own chef.
This is giving us more control and flexibility with quality, numbers, and a whole host of others factors.
We really believe this has vastly improved our offering.
Along with this improvement we also now have set meal times, which allows for consistency.
Our meal prices and times are as follows:

Breakfast :
Weekday: 8:00am 
Weekend: 9:00am
€6.00 = Cold Breakfast
€9.95 = Full Irish Breakfast

Lunch :
Weekday: 1:00pm 
Weekend: 1:30pm

€4.00 = Cold Light Lunch
€7.50 = Hot and Cold Light Lunch
€9.95 = Hot Lunch / Meal

Dinner :

Weekday: 7:00pm 
Weekend: 7:00pm (Hot Dinners will be served at ‘Lunchtime’ on Sundays)

€11.95 = Main Course
€13.95 = 2 Course Main

*Special dietary requirements can also be catered for. Advance notice is needed for this.