Meet | Eat | Sleep

Since re-opening in 2014 the Centre specialises in retreats and reconciliation programmes, providing an affordable resource for groups engaged in the Mission of God in Ireland and beyond. Since October 2022, we are in partnership with 24/7 Prayer. See their website for details.

Our vision is to be a safe and restful place of “everyday retreat” – a place where people can find, know, and enjoy God together. The Centre continues to be valuable resource for groups in Ireland and beyond to affordably meet, eat, and sleep in the tranquility of the woods near the heart of the city. Why not make a booking inquiry for your group? Contact Office at ( +353 1 ) 6280393 Weekday hours Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm.


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Being able to host the conversations and program that we did, in such a successful way, was due in no small part to the physicality and experience of The Lucan Centre…

Space To Breathe